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Introducing Senior Sessions: Courtney

November 17th, 2010

SweetBee is proud to introduce senior sessions! This year I have focused on photographing families and small children with the occasional wedding. Lot’s of photographers add senior sessions their offerings so I decided to give it a whirl. Can I just tell you just how fun these sessions are!? So fun! Courtney came and interned for the non-profit I work at for a few weeks in August (yes I know…I am behind in blogging) and it was obvious she was just too gorgeous not to photograph. Her smile and fantastic sense of style made for a great combination! Senior sessions are so fun because teenagers aren’t afraid to just be who they are with the camera. Let’s be honest…by the time we are adults…we have mastered the perfect smile, the perfect chin out and we think we know what our best side is. Teenagers each have a unique sense of style and are who they are; a perfect combination for the camera. I look forward to many more senior sessions.
Thanks for such a fun session Courtney!