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Is July over yet?

July 30th, 2012

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

We had a sick baby again…yes…again.  That makes for a fourth straight weekend of a cranky fussy baby.

It seems since July began it has just been a continuous snuggle-cation.  Would be fun if it didn’t include fevers and snottyness and the pool wasn’t right outside begging us to jump in.

Poor girl has taken to longingly looking out the window:(  I think she has cabin fever…I think we all have cabin fever.

Bring on a new month and a healthy house!

Happy Monday!



Aidan Becomes a Big Brother

July 27th, 2012

I am so excited to see this family expand.  Aidan couldn’t be a more deserving big brother and this little family just makes me smile.

Welcome to the world Felix and Noah and enjoy the best big brother you could ask for.




July 26th, 2012

I know…I know.  I am not supposed to play favorites.  But anyone who says they don’t play favorites is lying…and anyone who knows me know that THIS kid is my favorite.

When I posted last week about looking for an assistant, Aidan’s mom wrote that he volunteered:)  In just a few years Aidan…just a few years.

I couldn’t help, but LOVE him with his little camera…so much so that I actually took out my second camera after this photo and handed it to him to shoot away.

These are the little moments in my job that I will never forget:)

I will be featuring sweet Aidan and his brothers on the blog tomorrow, but in case you missed it, I posted a little slideshow on my Facebook page this past weekend you should check out.

Happy Thursday!



PS- An update on my assistant position…I am going through letters of inquiry now and will be in touch with people by the end of the week.  Thank you everyone:)

A Beautiful Portrait

July 24th, 2012

When it comes to weddings, it is no secret to my brides that I adore capturing beautiful portraits of just them on their wedding day.

As gorgeous as “photo-journalistic” images can be, I get such a great satisfaction of showing brides just how beautiful they are through images focused directly on them.

This carries over into many aspects of my photography.  As a mom and woman, I love feeling beautiful and it means so much to me to be able to show women and girls just how beautiful they are at any point in their lives…especially on a day that is all about them.

These photos were taken of Allison as she prepared for her big day.  You were beautiful Allison.  Congratulations.




“Jump In” Featured on Grey Likes Baby

July 19th, 2012

I am so excited today to see Nikki and Joe’s “Jump In” maternity shoot featured on Grey Likes Baby.  If you haven’t been to Grey Likes Baby go take a look.

It is absolutely one of my favorite sites for design, photography and mommy/baby inspiration.  I am so honored to see my work featured there.

Thank you Nikki and Joe again for this awesome session.



See the full feature here.

Grand Plans and Being Mom

July 18th, 2012

This week was filled with plans.  Things to do…to cross of my list…to get off my shoulders.  Shoots…albums…a new website (yes…I said it…a new website…it’s coming!)

But when you are a mom…you realize grand plans don’t always happen.  Like when you are convinced before your child is born that they will always be impeccably dressed and then they run out in the yard with no pants on and you can’t help but laugh.  You just have to be ok with it.  So here I am..being ok with it.

Things will get done.  Maybe not in the exact order or way I imagined…but my grand plans will arrive in one fashion or another.

My site will launch in the next few weeks…(get excited!)  It will include a whole new client experience I hope everyone enjoys. As of this morning, I only have one shoot in my queue and I am expecting an order of albums and prints to arrive at my door any minute. Tonight I have a meetings with people that are interested in assisting me…so I have more time to play with this cute tush.

Things will get done.

BUT… Being Mom is my first and most important job and some times it requires a step back to remember that.  So today between naps and gymnastics I will work on the grand plans, but until then…I just am going to enjoy this girl as much as I possibly can.

And to every momma who has made plans and had them fall through terribly in that “butt-naked” kind of way…especially those who have more than one kid…or work at home…or both… you have probably done more in a week than most people will this year… so cheers!




PS…I know. I know…She is going to kill me over this post.  Love you Adalynn…and that cute butt of yours too:) xoxo


July 16th, 2012

One of the best parts of this job is the adventure.  I love coming up with a concept for a session that is unique and representative of the couple.  It is even more fun when we get to add a little sense of adventure to it.  This sense of adventure has ended me in some super precarious fun situations. (Think…thousands of dollars in camera equipment, an assistant who is 8 months preggo and canoeing…) But the images are always worth it.  So when these two said they were game for anything outside…we went with it.

Jill and Steve have been married for a year and these photos were to commemorate their one year of marriage.  They are such gorgeous people inside and out and it was such an honor to be a part of their first anniversary.

Here’s to many more anniversaries filled with adventure you two.



Help Wanted

July 13th, 2012

Help.  I think to me it’s a four letter word.  I hate asking for it.  (Just ask my husband.)  So earlier this year, when my sweet Nikki first offered to “help” me with shoots, I didn’t really know what to do with myself.

This week has been extremely busy.  Shoots…powering through editing…burning discs…and most importantly…being mom.  Sweet Nikki is doing the same.  And I realize…I miss her…terribly.  And I really did appreciate having that thing called “help” around.

I feel super blessed to be just a few months into being “full-time” photog and to need assistance.  I probably needed it long before, but I am ok with it now:)

So…over the next few weeks, I will be looking for an intern.

Here are the deets.

Monday evenings and weekends are preferable, but the schedule can be flexible.
You should anticipate hands on experience with both the actual shooting and business side of photography.
You should expect to commit for at least 3 months.
Because of the nature of a large portion of my shoots… maternity and boudoir…you should probably be female. (So sorry guys!!)
You should be flexible and fun:)  Emphasis on fun…and probably like cupcakes.
Oh…and you should like adventure… like canoeing at 8 months pregnant with a camera adventure.

If you think you might know someone who would be a good fit…send them my way!  They can email me at

Happy Weekend everyone!

And make sure to check back Monday for more of Jill and Steve’s shoot!



PS- If you don’t think think you can commit because of job, family etc., but you are super interested in photography…email me about my mentoring sessions!  I would love to hear from you!



Life Changing

July 11th, 2012

Every time I meet a new family or a couple, they seem to ask me how I became a “professional photographer”.  I often chuckle…not because I don’t like telling the story…but because every time I tell it I still think it is crazy about how I got here.

And that super cool guy pictured above…emphasis on super…has a lot to do with it.

A few weeks after we moved into our house, Jeff and his wife, Kate, moved next door.  They grew up in Vermont, were coming here from Tennessee and didn’t really know many people. We were newly married…had very few “married friends” and were putting lots of time into remodeling our 100 year old house…Being our neighbors they were too.

We often joke that the first year in our house was like living in a dorm.  We had community dinners with Kate and Jeff every night…ritual tv shows and trips to Home Depot and our favorite thrift stores together.  They watched our dog, helped us move furniture and introduced us to some of our favorite foods. (Kate is a scientist and therefore an expert cook.  I die over her baked brie all the time.  I also blame her for at least 5 extra pounds on my body.)  It would be an understatement to say we were fast friends.

I still remember very clearly the evening the whole photography adventure began. We were discussing politics (I was in campaign finance at the time.)  The discussion also involved champagne and a fire next to the pool.  After a while, Jeff started talking about an upcoming wedding he was photographing. Wow did that sound awesome! Non-chalantly he said…”Maybe you can join me sometime to shoot?”  The very next day he walked over and handed me a professional Nikon camera and told me to give it a try.  Yes…he just handed it to me…and told me to give a whirl.  If I wanted to learn…he said he would teach me and to just try.  I didn’t know it, but his generosity and openness that day would literally be life-changing for me.

Over the next few weeks we covered the basics. He even created homework for me.  After work, I would go and shoot and then he would look over my photos.  He showed me how to edit, the meaning of different tools and different resources I could use.  Within six months of picking up my camera and my first “lessons”…I had my first client.  The rest is history.   I feel so fortunate and even more thankful.

So this is how it all began.  This is how I got where I am today as a ” professional photographer”.  I feel so fortunate and even more thankful.

I frequently ask Jeff to look at my work and I still get excited when he says I have done a good job.  He takes no credit for teaching me anything, but in addition to his camera skills, his generosity and willingness to help me learn are lessons I will never forget.

To this day, I have never shot a wedding with Jeff.  I have with other amazing photographers, but not with Jeff.  I think I probably owe him a wedding or two;)

Thanks Jeff and Kate for being the best neighbors we could ask for.  You have changed our lives and we are better people with better lives because of you.

Much love,

Neighbor Brittany



“He smiled at me!”

July 10th, 2012

Yes Aiden…he did…we all did.

And now you know why I love my job:)

Congrats on being a big brother Aiden man!


Miss Brittany