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Look out for Stormtroopers: A Halloween Note

October 31st, 2013

A few years ago, Sean and I hopped in the car for a last minute candy run. It was early in the day and we still had massive amounts of decorating to do before Halloween night. We, meaning mostly my husband, always go all out for Halloween.  We have large tombstones dotting the front yard, a fog machine that makes everything difficult to see, giant sprawling cob webs and equally large spiders.  We dress up, start a fire and then we, and again…I mean mostly Sean dare kids to come up onto our front porch.  Of course we go easy on the bitty ones, but we really go all out mostly for the parents and the high schooler that dares not dress up.

Upon our return home, we saw a Stormtrooper going door to door with his trick-or-treat bag.  It was around 4PM at this point and definitely pushing the “early” trick-or-treating hour.  He seemed about 7 and he slowly walked from door to door while his mom parked in the car on the street.  Sean and I looked at each other and thought, “This kid is really being greedy.”

As we drove further down the street we realized hardly anyone was opening the door, leaving the child to hang his helmet clad head and move on to the next house. We grabbed our bags out of the car and headed up to our porch watching the little Stormtrooper out of the corner of our eyes.
As we were getting the last load out of the car, suddenly, the mother drove up to our house and asked if we had candy.  I fumbled with my words as I looked down at the large amounts under my arms… “Yes”.  “Could you please give some to my son?  I have to work and have nobody to take him trick-or-treating so I am trying to make his Halloween,”  I felt the frog in my throat grow; I had judged so quickly and I had been so wrong.
We had a few doors before the Stormtrooper arrived at our door. Sean tore up our porch steps, through open the door and immediately started digging through the Halloween boxes for his costume.  I grabbed the phone and told our neighbors next door the situation.

By the time the Stormtrooper knocked on our door we were in full Halloween mode, complete with masks and a giant bowl of candy for him to choose from.  Being polite, he only took one piece, but we made sure he didn’t leave our house with a light load.

As we peered out our window to see him greet our neighbors, we could see he already had more excitement in his little step. As a very happy Stormtrooper hopped into the passenger side of her car, the mom told us over and over again how grateful she was.  And as they rode off, I wanted to tell her how grateful I was.
Tonight children will come to your door from all walks of life. Some will be in costume, some will not.  Some will seem greedy, some will be afraid to take a single piece. Your job tonight is to open your door and to be on the look out for the one who is a Stormtrooper just looking for some Halloween magic.
Happy Halloween all.  xoxo

Ali and Jacob’s Downtown Baltimore Engagement Session

October 31st, 2013

Ali and Jacob were just on the blog last week.  This is part two of their engagement session and though it was done in the same day as the previous, it has such a very different vibe. Ali is clearly in love with all things fashion, as evidenced by her gorgeous dress and perfectly paired accessories, but she is also a Maryland girl and that means she also loves all things Baltimore.  (Well…with the exception of the Ravens…Jacob might have a bone to pick with her on that;)

When Jacob and Ali adopted their first pup, a sweet black lab, it was only appropriate they named her Camden.  Of course, this meant Baltimore’s downtown streets and Camden Yards would provide the perfect back-drop to show off the fun side of this couple.

Ali and Jacob will be rounding out their Baltimore engagement this December when they tie the knot at The Belvedere. I can’t wait to celebrate.  Cheers you two!

Samantha and Joe’s Federal Hill Engagement Session

October 29th, 2013

Samantha and Joe met in Federal Hill.  Their love story begins here and though they have both moved a few miles south to downtown Annapolis, this city and this neighborhood means a lot to them.

I met Sam and Joe on a Friday night with walking shoes ready.  They gave me a tour of their favorite tiny streets.  They showed me where they had met serendipitously and even introduced me to the firehouse a few blocks from each of their houses where they had met for their first date.  It was so fun taking a trip down memory lane with these two.

The joy for between them made the night just that much more fun. And the fact that Joe wouldn’t stop saying cheese. Later this week, I will share part two of this fun Baltimore session, but until then enjoy congratulations you two!

An Evening with the Ritz Carlton’s Pastry Chef Arnaud Chavigny

October 24th, 2013

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of assisting the Ritz Carlton Georgetown in a beautiful event to welcome their new pastry chef, Pastry Chef Arnaud Chavigny.  The evening included made to order crepes, macaroons, swoon worthy live music and a crackling fire.  The event was attended by some of Washington DC’s top planners and wedding professionals and the intimate atmosphere made for a beautiful evening.

If you want to see another write-up about the evening, be sure to check out Engaged Magazine’s article on the event including photos from the evening.

Congratulations Meagan and Alex!

October 21st, 2013

Congratulations to these two.  They tied the knot this weekend in Frederick, MD  This was a wedding that was a long time coming.  I look forward to sharing more of their beautiful day soon.  Until then… Cheers you two.  xoxo

Ali and Jacob’s Fell’s Point Engagement Session

October 18th, 2013

Ali and Jacob and I met early on a Sunday morning in Fell’s Point, Baltimore.  Their engagement session had been rescheduled multiple times due to rain and finally we had a clear morning.  Their patience paid off in a big way.  Bubble gum pink skies, a beautiful sunrise and an empty city to boot.  Ali wore a beautiful Marchesa dress she had picked up with no specific event in mind. When she told me about it during her initial consultation, I knew it would be perfect.  It was a dream look for such a beautiful morning.  This couple is quite the pair and we had such a fun time in Baltimore.   I can’t wait to celebrate their winter wedding this December. With their style and a Gatsby vibe, it is sure to be an event to remember.  Congratulations on your engagement you two!

Meghan and Brian’s Londontown Wedding

October 16th, 2013

With a wedding approaching as quickly as their medical school graduation, Meghan and Brian enlisted their families to help with their beautiful Historic London Town and Gardens Wedding in Edgewater, MD. Handmade pillows, beautiful vintage mason jars from her great grandmother’s cellar and their favorite band playing, all set the stage for a fun and heartfelt evening along the water. Of course, balancing wedding planning from out-of-state on top of their schooling, was not easy, but it certainly made the celebration early this summer even sweeter.  Congratulations Meghan and Brian and cheers to a whole new adventure for you both.

Venue- Historic London Town and Gardens
Flowers- Stacy Bowen Flowers
Invitations- Libby Lane Press

Stephanie and Mike’s Strong Mansion Wedding

October 14th, 2013

Stephanie and Mike have known each other since Kindergarden. Earlier this year they were married at Strong Mansion in Dickerson, MD. Their long awaited wedding day did not disappoint.  It was one of those weddings where everything was perfect; even the rain. After years of anticipation, under a gorgeous tree and in the presence of their friends and families, these two high school sweethearts committed their lives to one another.  From the champagne and blush color palette, to gorgeous flowers and a historic setting, Stephanie and Mike’s big day was full of laughs and tears and everything weddings are supposed to be made of. Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs. and cheers to a lifetime of happiness.

Wedding Dress: Lela Rose, Hitched Salon- Washington, DC
akeup: Georgia Marmaras
Bride’s Shoes: Something Bleu, BHLDN
lowers: Blossom & Basket Boutique- Mt. Airy, MD
enue: Strong Mansion- Dickerson, MD



Ali & Jacob Engaged: A preview of their Baltimore Engagement Session

October 1st, 2013

The past summer was rainy and rainy and rainy.  I felt like so many sessions had to be rescheduled and Ali and Jacob’s was one of them.  This past weekend however, the stars aligned and it made it well worth it.  This is just a preview of the goodness to come. xoxo