A Downtown Morning

June 20th, 2012

Rachel is a photographer and a super talented salsa dancer.  She is passionate…creative…and in love.

Her and Louie currently live in San Diego, CA so I was super honored when she called me a few months ago to plan out a session here in DC.  It made it even better when I found out she was EXPECTING.  I am always so honored when fellow photographers ask me to capture images for them and give me the freedom to be creative…especially during SUCH an important time in their lives.

This session was taken in the wee hours of the morning in DC.  Unfortunately, the crystal clear forecast was not so crystal clear, but the empty monuments were the intimate setting we were looking for.

I loved how they were so natural just loving on each other. But what I really loved most was their openness and their genuine joy.

Make sure to stay tuned for second post of these amazing people tomorrow.




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