Ali and Jacob’s Downtown Baltimore Engagement Session

October 31st, 2013

Ali and Jacob were just on the blog last week.  This is part two of their engagement session and though it was done in the same day as the previous, it has such a very different vibe. Ali is clearly in love with all things fashion, as evidenced by her gorgeous dress and perfectly paired accessories, but she is also a Maryland girl and that means she also loves all things Baltimore.  (Well…with the exception of the Ravens…Jacob might have a bone to pick with her on that;)

When Jacob and Ali adopted their first pup, a sweet black lab, it was only appropriate they named her Camden.  Of course, this meant Baltimore’s downtown streets and Camden Yards would provide the perfect back-drop to show off the fun side of this couple.

Ali and Jacob will be rounding out their Baltimore engagement this December when they tie the knot at The Belvedere. I can’t wait to celebrate.  Cheers you two!

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