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We’ve Moved!

June 3rd, 2014

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Ali & Jacob Engaged: A preview of their Baltimore Engagement Session

October 1st, 2013

The past summer was rainy and rainy and rainy.  I felt like so many sessions had to be rescheduled and Ali and Jacob’s was one of them.  This past weekend however, the stars aligned and it made it well worth it.  This is just a preview of the goodness to come. xoxo

Motivation Monday: Mrs. Ridgely

December 10th, 2012

Every photographer loves their brides. I mean…really…loves their brides.  Not only is it a combination of personality and vision, but it’s the ability for months to see a couple grow from newly engaged to Mr. and Mrs.

The road from booking to being a full-fledged bride on a wedding day is dotted with emails, phone calls, meetings, an engagement session and walk-throughs.  During that time, I get to hear about their flower decisions, their future mother-in-law and their bridal showers.  It is an exciting time and I love understanding the excitement that is unique for each couple.

When I met Laura last December over coffee, her October 2012 wedding seemed far off and I could tell she was already itching get to the altar. She had so many details planned out and was so excited to get her hands into the wedding process. She was happy and bubbly and head over heels in love and that was what was so important to her.

In February of this year, we planned an engagement session at Ravens Stadium, styled by Libby Lane Press.  She was so excited to see her photos that day and I was so excited to get them to her.   A few weeks later, when I sent her their gallery I didn’t hear anything back.  This isn’t typical for most of my brides and I knew Laura well enough to know something was up.

A week or so later, a sweet apologetic Laura sent me an email that said she was in the hospital.  I would later find out that she had been involved in a head-on car crash and was in very serious condition.

Laura’s path ended up being much different than most of my brides.  It included a wheelchair, multiple broken bones, doctor appointments, physical therapy and braces.

Every time I saw Laura she had a smile on her face and said she was determined to be 100% ready for her wedding day.  What was noticeably absent from our conversations was the frustration of “Why?” or “Why me?”

Laura’s focus was not on flowers, or place cards, or even questioning her physical limitations.  Her focus was on marrying the person that she was head over heels in love with.

The Laura I met a year ago, was a different Laura than the one that walked down the aisle.   In the end she was the happy, head over heels girl turned into a stunningly strong Mrs. Ridgley who married the love of her life…and in the end that was all that mattered.

Laura, your strength this year was inspiring.  And all your hard work paid off.  Thank you for being the amazingly bubbly and happy person you are, irregardless of circumstance.  You are inspiring!!



Stay tuned for more of Mr. and Mrs. Ridgely tomorrow:)

Meagan and Alex at Union Mills

December 4th, 2012

We woke before the sun for this session.  The frost on the ground, plus the morning light, plus this gorgeous tree that despite being late fall and Sandy, still had its leaves…made the early wake-up call worth it.

Meagan and Alex together is really what topped off the morning though.  If you are around Meagan for even a second, you know she laughs easily, which in turn makes everyone else laugh… especially Alex.  And when that happens Alex’s eyes disappear when he smiles.

This is just part one of their session.  Too much fun not to share part two tomorrow.

Until then…enjoy this “winter” day.





Tiny Breaths.

June 28th, 2012

Nothing sweeter.

More of AJ and his pretty momma tomorrow.



She’s an aunt!

June 5th, 2012

Remember this little one from Friday’s post…well she is an aunt!  I am slightly jealous of large families and the continuous stream of little ones.

She is stunning isn’t she? Thought she deserved one last little bit of limelight of her own before she had to share it with her nephew:)

Congrats on being a big aunt sweet girl!!!



Mr. All-American

May 10th, 2012

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a special place in my heart for every child I photograph.  But anyone who knows me also knows I have a special little place in my heart for this little guy.  Mr. All-American…previously known as Mr. Skinny Jeans…previously known as the “cute kid with glasses” was one of my very first clients and boy am I glad.  I feel soooo lucky to have watched him grow.

When I first met Aiden and his  giant personality, he was running me around Frederick showing me just what photographing kids was all about.  This included toy cars, buzz lightyear, chasing ducks.  Last year, I was pregnant and greatly enjoyed our jam session in his skinny jeans at a a local park. I thought for sure, this would be the year when Aiden just might not think it was as cool to have your picture taken, but boy was I wrong.  His personality and his sweetness had not faded one bit.  He is still all boy and all personality and might I add he is just steal-your-heart classic American kid cute.  My favorite part of the session was when he asked if I could be in a picture with him so he could remember me forever…melt. I just adore him.

And you know what is even more exciting than seeing Aiden again?!?  You will never believe it….but there are two more Aidens on the way!!  Yes…sweet Aiden’s momma is pregnant with twin boys and I couldn’t be more excited for their family.  Her maternity session will be hitting the blog soon.  Can’t wait to share.  Until then, enjoy my favorite little guy.



Lucky Charm

March 16th, 2012

Sweet little Cole joined his crazy mom and I for a photo shoot for Libby Lane Press this week.  Not only did it turn out to be a super fun time, but this little guys photos just melted our hearts.  I have been very fortunate this year to work with Libby Lane Press and I know my clients just adore her and her work.

We officially have way too much fun with our businesses, kids and crazy ideas we always think up…not to mention the crazy desserts that always seem to be around.  It doesn’t hurt that we get to see our work on fun places like Amy Atlas Events and Hostess with the Mostess.

Make sure to check out the full shoot from this week on her blog and grab a sweet little note card printable while you are there.

Thanks Nicolle for sharing your sweet little man and Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!




Beautiful Little Violeta

February 28th, 2012

Beautiful babies…beautiful moments.  I am so blessed to see these so often.

Violeta was the epitome of both.  She was so calm and even if she was just a bit bothered, a little cuddling from dad made it all better. She literally fell asleep in his hands. It made for such tender photos.   Violeta’s parents are from Colombia and these photos are going to be sent near and far so it made them extra special. I found myself fawning over all the details of her room… the tiny pacifier clip that was so dainty and the beautiful art that hung above her crib.

Thank you for sharing your sweet and beautiful family with me Violeta.





February 24th, 2012

I know…it’s been quiet over here this week.  But rest assured, it’s just the blog.  I have been busy capturing sweet little newborns like little Violeta here, and having lots of shooting time with this unseasonably warm weather.  I am headed out of town for the weekend for some rest, relaxation and lots of reflection.  I plan to come back recharged from shooting and ready to dig deep into the blogging world (hint hint: a new family blog is in the works!) There are so many fun and exciting things to share in the upcoming weeks!  I promise it is just a little nap we have been taking;)

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!