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Allison and Brandon Sneak Peek

June 8th, 2012

Allison and Brandon were married over Memorial Day weekend.

It was hot…(unlike this week).  It was romantic… But most importantly…it was FUN!

I loved how much this couple made me laugh.  Combine Brandon, honest bridesmaids and a floating boat dock and it was a wedding never to forget.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!



Dancing in the Rain

May 23rd, 2012

Meet Kim and Steven.  These two are just too much fun.  It always seems like certain couples and families do not have the weather on their side and are forced to reschedule again and again. This wouldn’t have been a problem for them this past winter if it had actually been snow, but when the weather didn’t cooperate for the third time, Kim just decided they were going to  go for it.

We had a blast marching around Frederick and laughing at ourselves and the people that were wondering just what we were up to.  Despite all of the rain, these two were able to dance away and cuddle up just as they normally would.  Kim is so extremely happy in Steven’s arms and it literally warmed my heart in the middle of the cold (did I mention it was less than 50 degrees?)

Thank you Kim and Steven for such a fun time!  I hope we have snow for you on your big day!



Meet KD Productions…

January 18th, 2012

Meet Katie Durski of KD Productions… she is fun sweet and oh-so talented.  I am lucky to call her my friend and I wish I had discovered her amazing talent before I planned my own wedding.  Ironically, Katie and I went to high school together… we even played soccer together.  I recently saw her featured on the super fun wedding blog… Capitol Romance… and I went…”Hey! I know her!!” I couldn’t believe we had missed each other in what is often a small community of videographers and photographers, but I knew immediately we needed to connect.

Katie is young, modern, classy and what I think is a breath of fresh air to the industry of wedding videography.  I will be working with her on many projects through out the year and I am now happy to offer a video add on to all my sessions. SweetBee clients will now have the option to walk away with both timeless photos, as well as a little video that documents their lives.

This past Monday, Katie and I headed to downtown Bethesda for a little photo-shoot.  Working with her is just as fun as these pictures!  Can’t wait for the exciting year ahead!

Around the corner…

January 19th, 2011

Spring is going to be here before we know it. And I can feel the warm weather calling my name. This weekend, I met my friend, and gorgeous bride-to-be, for a walk through of the Ceresville Mansion for her upcoming wedding. April will certainly be much different than three of us with coffee in hand trudging through snow. I can’t wait!

Lindsey and Rob’s HunnyBee Session

June 26th, 2010

This session may seem strange knowing my specialty is children’s photography. However, I every now and then let myself drift into the wedding world. This time, it was with a special person I wouldn’t want to miss out on. Lindsey and I met during her freshman year of college. Not only did we grow into great friends, but she became my “little sister” during our sorority days. Of course I squealed, screamed and jumped for joy when they asked me to do their engagement session! So a few weeks ago, I headed out to meet them in downtown Frederick where we walked around the canal and historic buildings. Then we headed out to where Rob proposed. It was gorgeous! The day was so fun!!! Congrats Lindsey and Rob and thank you for letting me share such a great time with you both!!