Getting it together.

February 4th, 2013

It’s been awhile…a long while.

It’s a new year…in fact…it’s the second month of that new year.


The past month has been filled with lots of re-organizing, planning, goal setting…all things photography.  Simultaneously, it has been filled with the flu, doctor’s appointments, a delay in the launch of my new site and all things you can not possibly plan for…aka life.

I know there are photographers who can still push through and triumphantly hit “publish” on their blogs every day.  I applaud them…giant props to all yall.

I on the other hand… I have taken the past month to just focus on what’s ahead.  I took a few weeks to stop “pushing through” the weeds of sickness and meetings and just step back and “get it all together”.  Even as I sit here today…typically a day I devote to work…there are little feet running around upstairs.  The little one is sick for the second time in a month…and my day of productivity will take a back seat to life.

I claim to not be a perfectionist…I say that because nothing I do is perfect.  I know…go ahead and laugh out loud.  I give you permission. But my grammar is far from perfect and I will tell you that I struggle to find the perfect balance between work and family each and every day.

I am literally on the edge of a release for my new “brand”.  I know this is a really hot industry term, but I must admit that it really was time for me to partake in the whole rebranding process.  I know so many of you have expressed that you love “SweetBee”, but the reality is…I have outgrown it…in a good way and it is just time.

Instead of blogging every day for the past month, I have been sitting down and pouring over my images from the past year, my goals for my business, new ventures and where my life will fit into all of that that.

But it’s time to get it together and honestly, it feels great to hit publish today.  No matter how perfect or imperfect this new brand, today, this post or the new year is…it’s coming.  It’s a work in progress…it always will be.

I can tell you that I am SO excited what this little work in progress will mean… for my life, my business, my clients and my readers.  I am excited to “get it together” in new ways.  In the important ways.

So stay tuned… 2013 is just getting started…even if it is February.



PS… I must say it has been rewarding looking through images from last year and realllllly looking through them.  Like finding this little photo of gorgeous Lauren on her way to her wedding.  Oh 2013… I’m coming for ya.



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