Josh and Kristen’s Jefferson Memorial Proposal

January 29th, 2014

Josh contacted me in early January with plans in hand for how he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Kristen.  He knew he wanted a private moment, an epic back drop, perfect music and someone to document it all.  So this past Saturday, amidst some very cold temperatures and an unexpected snowstorm, my assistant Jill and I ventured to the Jefferson Memorial to capture it all.

A guitarist played at the foot of the memorial steps as they arrived. After they listened to a few songs, they walked into the memorial and peeked around before stopping at the top of the large marble steps.  With the monument as the perfect backdrop, he asked her to be his wife and her face says it all.  Congratulations you two!  Cheers to fun wedding planning and a beautiful marriage!

Please note that if you want to create such an event as this at a DC monument, you must have a permit.  Josh did this, dotting his I’s and crossed his T’s making for the perfect night for his fiancé!  Way to go Josh!

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