Motherhood Monday: A New Chapter

September 10th, 2013

I tucked Adalynn into bed tonight.  Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. I pulled up the blankets, asked her if she wanted any music (she always says no) and then gave her a thumbs up and kiss good night.  I closed the door and walked into the living room.  Toys were everywhere, laundry was on the couch and dishes from dinner were sitting with what was left of eggplant parmesan on the dinner table.  One by one I started picking up the toys; tossing them into baskets I once thought would stay perfectly organized.  I loaded the dishwasher and moved the laundry from the couch to the bed.  (Hey that counts.)  My mind was racing through the 100 things I didn’t do today.  I am behind in work, behind in work outs, laundry, summer goals and loads of other things.

My mind then drifted to these moments above.  Minutes before Adalynn’s preschool orientation; Tomorrow we start a new chapter as a family…with an official preschooler… and those toys and dishes and to-do list will get a tad lighter as a little time itself opens up.  Insert heavy heart of a mommy moment.

Our little family has spent the better half of the past two and a half years as a unit. We have help from family members, but for the most part we manage two businesses and a toddler doing our own little dance.  It can be frustrating and overwhelming and down right hard.  We shuffle schedules daily to accommodate meetings and gymnastics and just answering emails.  It is a constant learning process. I have spent the past two years being wife, momma and photographer and expert schedule dancer, but the one thing I am not behind on is this kid.  <– Worth it.

I know our schedules will be jammed with new activities in the chapter ahead and a new dance will begin, but we are excited and proud.  So tonight cheers to new friends, new schedules and a whole new chapter for our little family.


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