Motivation Monday: Mrs. Ridgely

December 10th, 2012

Every photographer loves their brides. I mean…really…loves their brides.  Not only is it a combination of personality and vision, but it’s the ability for months to see a couple grow from newly engaged to Mr. and Mrs.

The road from booking to being a full-fledged bride on a wedding day is dotted with emails, phone calls, meetings, an engagement session and walk-throughs.  During that time, I get to hear about their flower decisions, their future mother-in-law and their bridal showers.  It is an exciting time and I love understanding the excitement that is unique for each couple.

When I met Laura last December over coffee, her October 2012 wedding seemed far off and I could tell she was already itching get to the altar. She had so many details planned out and was so excited to get her hands into the wedding process. She was happy and bubbly and head over heels in love and that was what was so important to her.

In February of this year, we planned an engagement session at Ravens Stadium, styled by Libby Lane Press.  She was so excited to see her photos that day and I was so excited to get them to her.   A few weeks later, when I sent her their gallery I didn’t hear anything back.  This isn’t typical for most of my brides and I knew Laura well enough to know something was up.

A week or so later, a sweet apologetic Laura sent me an email that said she was in the hospital.  I would later find out that she had been involved in a head-on car crash and was in very serious condition.

Laura’s path ended up being much different than most of my brides.  It included a wheelchair, multiple broken bones, doctor appointments, physical therapy and braces.

Every time I saw Laura she had a smile on her face and said she was determined to be 100% ready for her wedding day.  What was noticeably absent from our conversations was the frustration of “Why?” or “Why me?”

Laura’s focus was not on flowers, or place cards, or even questioning her physical limitations.  Her focus was on marrying the person that she was head over heels in love with.

The Laura I met a year ago, was a different Laura than the one that walked down the aisle.   In the end she was the happy, head over heels girl turned into a stunningly strong Mrs. Ridgley who married the love of her life…and in the end that was all that mattered.

Laura, your strength this year was inspiring.  And all your hard work paid off.  Thank you for being the amazingly bubbly and happy person you are, irregardless of circumstance.  You are inspiring!!



Stay tuned for more of Mr. and Mrs. Ridgely tomorrow:)

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