Mr. All-American

May 10th, 2012

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a special place in my heart for every child I photograph.  But anyone who knows me also knows I have a special little place in my heart for this little guy.  Mr. All-American…previously known as Mr. Skinny Jeans…previously known as the “cute kid with glasses” was one of my very first clients and boy am I glad.  I feel soooo lucky to have watched him grow.

When I first met Aiden and his  giant personality, he was running me around Frederick showing me just what photographing kids was all about.  This included toy cars, buzz lightyear, chasing ducks.  Last year, I was pregnant and greatly enjoyed our jam session in his skinny jeans at a a local park. I thought for sure, this would be the year when Aiden just might not think it was as cool to have your picture taken, but boy was I wrong.  His personality and his sweetness had not faded one bit.  He is still all boy and all personality and might I add he is just steal-your-heart classic American kid cute.  My favorite part of the session was when he asked if I could be in a picture with him so he could remember me forever…melt. I just adore him.

And you know what is even more exciting than seeing Aiden again?!?  You will never believe it….but there are two more Aidens on the way!!  Yes…sweet Aiden’s momma is pregnant with twin boys and I couldn’t be more excited for their family.  Her maternity session will be hitting the blog soon.  Can’t wait to share.  Until then, enjoy my favorite little guy.



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