Suitcase packed…heart in hand.

October 16th, 2012

There comes a time when you just know something has to change.  You need to do something different.

The past three years have certainly had a lot of change…I mean… A LOT. From logos…to websites…to deciding not to pursue a DC career…to becoming a mom…to going full-time as a photographer…to saying I am not a wedding photographer…to booking 20 weddings just this year.  A LOT had changed.  I know many of you have witnessed these changes…supported me…pushed me to get better…cheered for me.  The thought of all of it makes my eyes blurry with tears.  But the kind of change I am talking about is the one where you just decide what matters.    

You all might be familiar with Lara Casey…read… CEO of Southern Weddings Magazine…and if you know her…you probably know Emily Ley… and if you know them…then you should most definitely know…Gina Zeidler… of Gina Zeidler Photography.  Well I am headed their way tomorrow.  Literally.

Tomorrow morning I will be en route to Making Things Happen 2012 in Atlanta. I received a tiny little invitation in my inbox two weeks ago.  A tiny little invitation with what I hope are big implications.

So you are probably wondering…What exactly is Making Things Happen??… Well it’s a lot of things, but what you need to know most is that it’s where you decide to face fears, get specific with your dreams and set yourself on fire with a clear passion in mind.  After the past six weeks in which I was overloaded personally and professionally…I realize friends…this is something I am long overdue for.

I know in the coming days I am going to to have to bare it all.  I know that I will be pushed to make decisions about business, family and life.  I will hopefully walk away a better wife, mother, photographer, friend.

In the next few days, I will not just have to wear my heart on my sleeve, but put it in my hand.

And what do I have to say to that?   Bring it on. 

See you on the flip-side.




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