Wonderful Wednesday: The golden hour…this girl and honest friends…

March 7th, 2012

Meet Nikki… one of the sweetest girls you will ever know. She is kind…stunning…fun…and oh… my new assistant for SweetBee Photography!  She is wonderful and my clients are going to be lucky to know her.  Nikki is an up and coming photographer and we recently took advantage of the woooonderful warm golden hour and did a mini shoot for her and her sweet sweet mom who I might just adopt. Don’t think those hands on the belly are not purposeful… they are… Nikki and her husband are welcoming their new addition in July.  Our mini shoot also took the form of a gender reveal.
I can’t wait to share with you this heart warming session.

In other news this week, I am very thankful for wonderfully honest friends.  People who know you…aren’t afraid to be honest with you and make you better people.  In the next few weeks you might notice some changes around here.  Thank you to those friends who believe in me, encourage me and push me to be the best I can for myself, my family and for my clients.  I appreciate you more than you know.

Happy Wonderful Wednesday!




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